General IT Assistance Request

What is this service?

If you could not find the service you need assistance for in the Service Catalog, please utilize this general IT assistance request form.
NOTE: If something is broken, report an issue here.

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty, Staff, and Students 

Where can I get it?

Click the Request Service button on this page

How do I use it?

Complete the form with as much information as possible to help us assist you in a timely and efficient manner. Someone from the IT department will be in touch as soon as possible. If the service you are requesting is listed in the Service Catalog, please request the specific service there to help expedite the support process.

Examples of Service Requests:

  • Request for a service delivery action, for example: I am moving offices from Hamilton Hall room 123 to Colonial Hall 456 and need to move my desktop computer and printer on February 14, 2029.
  • Request for information, for example:  How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?
  • Request for the provision of a resource or service, for example: I need to get Microsoft 365 or Adobe for my Macbook computer.
  • Request for access to a resource or service, for example:  Can someone help me sync my Google Drive to my desktop, so I can save documents directly to Google Drive instead of to my hard drive?

If you need to report something that is broken, please use Report an Issue.  Submitting the correct form enables us to respond to your needs quickly and appropriately.

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