Service Catalog

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Something is Broken: Report an Issue

Use this section to report technology that is not working properly and request assistance.

Communication Services

Network, WiFi, & Telecommunications

Computers, Devices, Printers/Copiers

Purchase equipment, software, or toner.

Teaching, Learning and Classrooms

Display & Sound (AV) Equipment Consultations, Purchasing, and Installations for departments.

WiFi & Network Connections

Help with connecting to Moravian's networks such as wired, Moravian University WiFi, and Moravian Guest WiFi, as well as connecting to VPN.

Services (3)

General IT Assistance Request

If you could not find the service you need assistance for in the Service Catalog, please utilize this general IT assistance request form.

Request a Loaner

Reserve a Loaner Item (Laptop, Tablet, or AV Equipment)

DSLR Camera Loaner Request

Request a DSLR camera loaner