Classroom/Lab Equipment Issue

What is this service?

When you experience any of these problems with classroom equipment:

  • No projector image
  • Computer will not turn on
  • Apple TV will not display
  • Display monitor(s) will not turn on
  • System will not turn on
  • PowerPoint will not load
  • No sound from computer, laptop, or electronic device
  • Document camera will not display
  • Video / Room camera will not display
  • Cannot display my laptop or electronic device
  • No Internet on computer, laptop, or electronic device

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Where can I get it?

Click the Classroom Issue button on this page

Classroom issue


Service ID: 3598
Tue 3/28/23 3:41 PM
Tue 3/28/23 3:49 PM