AV Consultation

What is this service?

This consulting service is for Moravian University departments, and programs who have audio/visual services needs and require assistance with the process, proper selection of products, securing quotes, etc. Services can range from the recommendation of a television, to the design, installation, and commissioning of AV technology systems in classrooms, conference rooms, common spaces, etc.

Submit this request if you need assistance with:

  1. Consultation services for audio/visual needs assessment and technology purchases/upgrades (eg. equipment/technology recommendations and pricing).
  2. Design services and/or assistance for new construction and renovation of classrooms, offices, and other facilities.
  3. Ensuring that new technology adheres to the university's baseline standards for AV selection, installation, and support.

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty & Staff

Where can I get it?

Click the Request Consultation button on this page

How much does it cost?

There are no fees for consultation services. Additional costs may apply for equipment and/or installation where applicable.


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